Gay Wedding Dance Lessons in Chicago

If you’re on the fence about taking lessons for your wedding, just do it! You’ll be thrilled with the results!
— Matt M.
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How to Get Started

You most likely have a few questions about taking dance lessons, like: How many will we need? When should we get started? How much will this cost? Do we have to have choreography? While you can find the answers to these questions on our website, we find it more beneficial to discuss them in person, which is why we offer a Free Wedding Dance Consultation.

What you can expect from your Free Wedding Dance Consultation:

  • Learn how the process works.

  • Discuss your goals.

  • Get to know your teacher and the studio atmosphere.

  • Learn some basic dance moves.

  • Discuss song options. 

  • Figure out a realistic number of lessons to prepare.

  • Create a game plan with your teacher.

We schedule free consultation for couples who have six weeks or more before their wedding. If you have less time, please read the "Dance Lesson Info" below.


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Dance Lesson Info

  • If your wedding is in six weeks or less, we recommend not delaying the learning process; start your learning process by scheduling a regular wedding dance lesson or checking out our crash course options.

  • Each regular wedding dance lesson is 45 minutes long.

  • Lesson rates range from $90 - $110 per lesson depending on the package of lessons your purchase. Per lesson pricing is also available.

  • We're BYOB, so make it a date night and bring your favorite beverage!

  • The number of lessons people take before their wedding is dependent on a number of factors, so it varies greatly. Expect to take a lesson or two before you decide how many lessons you'll need.

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